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Interview with Lowvee Cole, Author of Boundless Magick

Today, we continue our series of author interviews by dialing across the pond and speaking to American author Lowvee Cole!

Lowvee is the author of  Boundless Magick, which she was kind enough to send to us for a review, and she’s also an accomplished musicianfind out more about her here, or read on to see what we talked about.



“That’s pretty magical to me.”

We speak to with author Lowvee Cole


The sun is just setting in England as we set up Skype to dial across the pond to speak to Lowvee Cole, the renaissance woman who’s making a name for herself as both a musician and an author.

‘Lowvee’ isn’t the name on her birth certificate, though – “When I first started out doing music, I was using my real name,” she explains. “And I started having a lot of issues with stalkers who were able to find me. I was looking for something that sounded a little magical, and Lowvee [prounounced ‘Lo-vee’] is an anagram for ‘we love’. My family calls me ‘Cole’ because my real name is ‘Nicole’, so I picked ‘Lowvee Cole’ to keep a bit of myself in there.”

While that might sound strange to some, I can relate – my birth name was ‘Dane Ashley Bygrave‘, but I changed it to ‘Dane John Cobain‘ because it was my pen name. You get used to this sort of thing when you spend a lot of time talking to writers and musicians, and Lowvee qualifies as both!


Lowvee Cole: Interview selfie as she speaks to SocialBookshelves.com!

Lowvee Cole: Interview selfie as she speaks to SocialBookshelves.com!


In fact, progressing from songwriting to storytelling was a natural progression for Lowvee. It was something that I realised after a while,” she explains. “What really moves me so much about music is the lyrics.” But it’s not just music that inspired her – “I know it sounds lame, “ she reveals. “But J. K. Rowling was the one who got me in to writing stories – I used to have a website called FantasyFicWorld, and I used to host and write Harry Potter fan fiction. That’s what made me want to tell a bigger story – I wanted to create characters and worlds, and you can’t really do that in a song.”

Boundless Magick is clearly influenced by the Harry Potter series, but there’s a huge Wiccan influence in there too. We wondered how that came about, and Lowvee explained: I used to live in Boston and a couple of friends and I went to visit Salem, years ago, and I just found the whole practice really interesting. I’ve always been in to the whole magical thing to begin with, but that’s what really set it off.”

This magical experience in Salem and the support of her late stepfather, who passed away in 2001, were enough to start her off on a career as a creator, both of music and the written word.He was the one who gave me all kinds of support,” explains Lowvee. “He helped me to get in to Berkeley and to do what I wanted to do, and he really helped me to believe in myself. That’s pretty magical to me.”


Lowvee Cole - Boundless Magick

Lowvee Cole – Boundless Magick


One thing that we did note in our initial review is that the novel is written in first-person, something that Lowvee explains “makes it easier to get in to the story and in to the characters’ heads.” There’s a lot in common between Lowvee and Abigail, the novel’s protagonist, too – “I have a fiery temper,” she says. “And I’m very clumsy. I’m the type of person who follows my heart even if it gets me in to trouble, and so is she.”

But in many ways, the characters are as real as you or me – “Sometimes they surprise me,” the author reveals. I’m a very visual person, so I can literally see what they’re doing and I know what they’re going to say.” She has her favourites, too – “I love Patrick,” she confesses.

“In fact, when I wrote the story it was originally 220,000 words and I had to do a lot of cutting – that’s the hard part about being an author, knowing what to cut out. You have to really separate yourself from your work and it took me a couple of years to be able to do that. I realised that the book was all about Patrick and not about Abigail, so I had to cut a lot of him out and he’s my favourite, I just think he’s so cool.”


Boundless Magick Teaser

Boundless Magick Teaser


I love them all in their own way,” she continues. “But my least favourite is probably Veronica – she’s not necessarily a terrible person but she’s very jealous, and she let her jealousy change who she was. Circe was pretty bad too, I didn’t care for her too much.” 

But whether you like a character or not, it’s always difficult to kill them, and Boundless Magick has its fair share of death and destruction. “I cried when I killed off [SPOILER REMOVED],” Lowvee admits. “And I was going to kill off Patrick at the end and he was going to come back to life, but I thought that was too cliché. It’s hard because a piece of you goes with them.”


Lowvee Cole

Lowvee Cole


Boundless Magick is Lowvee’s first ever novel, but there’s plenty to come in the future – in fact, it’s just the first novel in a five-part series. I’m currently working on the second book which is called ‘The Hopi Mask’,” she explains, “and I’m hoping to have that out by the end of the year – it’s half-finished.”

That’s not all, either – Lowvee has just finished another book called ‘The Masked Heir’, which is a women’s fiction piece based in Victorian England.” She needs to finish her own round of edits before she sends that off to her editor. I’m also working on a science fiction project called ‘Project Fission’,” she continues. “Plus a young adult love story called ‘The Left Side of Love’ – that’s going to be a gay and lesbian piece.”

And, as if that wasn’t enough, Lowvee’s bringing music and writing together for another project – I’m also working on a women’s fiction piece that I’m going to put an album with,” she reveals. “It’s going to be an acoustic album called ‘Letters from Adrian’.”


Lowvee Cole

Lowvee Cole


So what’s next? Well, according to Lowvee, My ultimate dream is to have my book succeed and become a nationwide best-seller. Right now, it’s been on and off the Kindle bestseller charts both in the UK and in America and so that’s pretty exciting. I’m more focused on my writing than on my music right now, but I am still working on some side-projects.”

One of those side-projects is the aforementioned acoustic set to accompany Letters from Adrian and, Lowvee adds, I’m also working on a song called ‘Hear Me’, which is going to be like an Evanescence tune. Success for me is just becoming a success as an author, and I’d love to see one of my books made in to a movie – that would be super cool. I’m thinking big!”


Lowvee Cole

Lowvee Cole


Lowvee Cole is the author of Boundless Magick – you can find her on Facebook and Twitter, or you can click here to find her profile on Goodreads. You can also check out Lowvee’s website to find out more about her writing and her music!

Know a writer who we should interview? Let us know on our forums! Alternatively, submit your questions for our next interview. We’ll see you soon!

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