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The SocialBookshelves.com Survey: The Results Are In!

As some of you might remember, we released a survey in January to find out what you wanted to hear more of from SocialBookshelves.com. You talked and we listened – here are the results of the survey, and what we’re planning to do around them.

The first thing to note is that we’ve already released this brand new blog site, as well as a book discussion forum where you can meet and talk to other book-lovers. Now that this new blog is out, running separately to our book reviews, we can bring you a lot more news and information!




A quick side note on the survey – we received 129 responses and one lucky winner received a £15 Amazon voucher in exchange for providing their feedback. We usually run additional competitions, so check here to see if anything is running.

First off, we asked where you follow us – as you can see, almost half of you (46%) follow us on Facebook, while just over a third (36%) follow us on Twitter. The mailing list (15%) and Goodreads (12%) are also reasonably popular, but only 5% follow us on Pinterest.


Content Suggestions Chart


We also asked you to provide us with some feedback on what else you wanted to see – two people, a surprising 2% of all respondents, filled in the ‘other‘ option to ask for nudity. Competitions were unsurprisingly popular, with a whopping 73% of respondents asking for more competitions, and 40% of people asked for more reviews.

We’re hoping to use this new blog section to cover off book news (26%) and trivia (20%), and we’ll post more quotes (16%) and photos of cool libraries (11%) on Pinterest, with a view to getting more of them up on the main site, too. I’ll also have a think about how we can release quizzes (17%), so keep your eyes peeled for that in the future!


New Features Chart


Next, we asked you what new features you’d like to see, and an overwhelming 58% of you asked for more competitions again, while 22% asked for more reviews. We’ve recently launched some forums (16%), and you can suggest a book for review (12%) over there .

With the launch of this, a separate blog for book news (5%), we’ll also be able to cover off author interviews (16%) and author biographies (1%). A book club (25%) might be a little harder, but we’ll give it some thought; meanwhile, we’re thinking about launching a new YouTube channel to record some top ten lists (29%), so stay tuned for that.



Finally, we asked you about your favourite genres – the results were pretty scattered, and there are some eclectic tastes out there (just like mine), so read the chart above to see what was popular and what wasn’t. We’ll be taking this feedback in to consideration when deciding what to review in the future, so thanks for that!

Thanks a lot for reading – don’t forget to sign up to our discussion forums and to check us out on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Goodreads to stay up-to-date with the latest reviews. We’ll see you soon!

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