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Home Author Interviews Quick Q&A with Jo M. Sekimonyo, Author of Cast Away for These Reasons

Quick Q&A with Jo M. Sekimonyo, Author of Cast Away for These Reasons

Hi, folks! Today, we’re hosting a quick Q&A with Jo M. Sekimonyo, the author of Cast Away for These ReasonsClick here to check out Jo’s books on Amazon, or read on to find out more.


Jo M. Sekimonyo - Cast Away for These Reasons

Jo M. Sekimonyo – Cast Away for These Reasons


Hi, Jo! Please introduce yourself and tell us a little bit about your work.

I have Congolese roots, I am American fermented and globally bottled, a social investigator, and a nonconformist who is deliberately confronted by ecstatic circumstances. I see myself as a merchant of ideas rather than an author or political economy analyst. When it comes to social issues, I am fiercely opinionated and allergic to badly patched arguments. I take great pleasure in wreaking havoc on psychological and cerebral parochialism just as any form of intolerance or fanaticism like a poltergeist. The opprobrium of being associated with the rebirth of common sense objects should give my right of choking to death on my own cerebral mucus.



Please tell us a little bit about Cast Away for These Reasons. Could you summarize your new alternative to capitalism?

My book Cast Away for These Reasons is an attempt to stir the distributive justice debate in another direction. Antonio Gramsci mistook the mid 20th century class of cerebral desperadoes for organic intellectuals; there is nothing organic about lumpenintellectuals.

What’s there to learn from my first literary crusade? I give a glimpse of current economists’ reprehensible attitude toward the poor which is bathed in an ocean of delusional conscientiousness and keeping the darker side of the world in the dark. I highlight the social, commerce and trade, and political arrangements context in which rose capitalism, socialism, and communist ideals. These socio-politico-economic bonds, inherited from the eighteenth century factory invasions, travesties and other plagiarized systems don’t suit the 21st century reality. Nowadays, around the world, more people acquire means of participation or engagement in enterprises or discourses than elementary trade to squeeze in smoothly in factories or businesses. This new reality makes us all profiteers and calls for a new way of chopping surpluses. The proposed new arrangement is ethosism.


You’ve already had some great reviews for the book over on Amazon. What’s the best piece of feedback that you’ve received so far?

I spill my gospel and contradictions not to please but to summon contemporaneous probity and to grow solicitude over injustice and antiquated social and political economy constructs. Swimming against the stream is a lonesome voyage. For a creature like myself, every piece of feedback is in its own way the spiciest of all vices.


Jo M. Sekimonyo

Jo M. Sekimonyo


Your cover design is fantastic – who created it and what was the process like?

The first edition cover is uninteresting. The second edition cover is born out of my nightmare and a social provocateur designer. It showcases a young designer’s uncanny talent for capturing my bizarre views with a crisp and gripping imagery.


How was the process of working with Tara (your editor)? How did she help to shape the book?

This wasn’t a project in which the editor gives big-picture notes on plot, characterization, scene crafting, and all the other elements of a story. There were a lot scuffles word changes and questions about things that don’t make sense to her. At times, she did have to convey her general thoughts and impressions on a higher decibel. I will forever be indebted to her for polishing the book and smoothing out rough edges.


I see that Cast Away for These Reasons is also available in French. Can you tell us a little bit about the translation process?

As far as socially and scientifically, French is an exceedingly petty and uninteresting dialect. Yet I felt obligated to transmit the message to my compatriots and French former colonies in the language that they stubbornly maintain and protect. My publisher and distributors didn’t see any value of the project since the francophone market has a miniscule profit margin while necessitating a sizable investment. I had to cut a deal and finance the project out of my pocket. Sadly, l’enfer c’est lui is lacking the aroma of Cast Away for These Reasons.


Jo M. Sekimonyo

Jo M. Sekimonyo


What kind of people will get the most from reading Cast Away for These Reasons?

 When you write a book to be read (not a gimmick), you have to embrace your imperfections and accept insolence. It was once suggested that no sane mind would want to touch my scathing philippic. I have a fisherman to thank for my buoyancy, who whispered in my ear that only one percent of the river is useful to him. This is a mixed group of people who are ashamed to die without winning some victory over pervasive absurdities for the sake of humanity. They are generally searching for a signal in the middle of noises.


Do you work with a publisher? What does the publishing process look like to you?

To someone who has never been published, seeing your book into in a bookstore can seem almost magical. The process was fairly straightforward. The publisher assisted in crafting the presentation that continues to appeal to a wide audience.


What’s next for you? What can we expect to read in the future?

By the end of Cast Away for These Reasons, most people couldn’t lecture a room full of agnostic capitalists or redirect remaining Marxist lambs to the promised cliff. If you happen to be one of the fuming readers who is wondering what the hell Ethosism is? Well, I wrote a book, Ethosism, to explain what it is which should be coming out next year.


How do you get the word out about your work?

Technological and communication advancements have made it easier to identify and broaden the likely market for a book. However, getting the public’s attention was way harder than I thought. Much of the book promotion is done through websites and social media and in the form of blogs, viral publicity and tweets.


Jo M. Sekimonyo

Jo M. Sekimonyo


Big thanks to Jo M. Sekimonyo for stopping by SocialBookshelves.com. Be sure to click here to check out Cast Away for These Reasons on Amazon or to follow SocialBookshelves.com on Facebook and Twitter for further updates. I’ll see you soon!

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