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Home Author Interviews Quick Q&A with Trish Moran, Author of Waiting in the Shadows

Quick Q&A with Trish Moran, Author of Waiting in the Shadows

Hi, folks! Today, we’re hosting a quick Q&A with Trish Moran, the author of Waiting in the ShadowsClick here to check out Trish’s books on Amazon, or read on to find out more about her work.


Trish Moran - Shadow Dwellers

Trish Moran – Shadow Dwellers


Hi, Trish! Please introduce yourself and tell us a little bit about your work.

Hi. I’m a primary school teacher, working part time now so I can spend more time writing. My writing is mainly science fiction aimed at young adults, though many older people have said they have enjoyed reading my books, too.


Which gives you more satisfaction – to write a first draft, or to finish the last round of editing?

It’s very exciting when the first idea for a story pops into your head and your imagination gets busy working on it! It’s also an amazing feeling when you complete the last edit of your book. So satisfying!


What inspires you? Where do you get your ideas from?

I’ve always enjoyed reading science fiction novels that seem possible in the not too distant future. I find inspiration from news stories about technological developments in the papers, TV and other media. Sometimes I think, “Wow, if they can do that today, what will they be capable of doing in ten or twenty years’ time?” Then my imagination takes over!


Pick a random piece of writing that you worked on ages ago and that never saw the light of day. Now tell us about it!

I wrote a short story for a competition. I didn’t win but I got some very helpful advice on developing it into a full length novel. It’s on my list of things to do! It is a light-hearted story about a young man who creates a potion that reverses the age process and he uses it on his frail, old, widowed uncle who has lost the will to live. His new, twenty something uncle embarks on a hectic life, pursued by cosmetic companies, medical companies and different government agencies as well as religious groups and people trying to prove he is a fraud. At the end the question is, do we really want eternal youth? I like to think about how people would react when faced with something outside their normal expectations.


Do you have a writing routine? If so, can you tell us about it?

I write when I get the chance. On a free day, I like to sit down and write for about two or three hours, have a break then continue. When I’m not writing, I am often mulling over an idea or part of a story in my head, so that when I do sit down I usually know what I’m going to write. If I get stuck on a part of a story I leave it and write a section I’m happy with and usually the stuck bit works itself out!


Trish Moran - Mirror Image

Trish Moran – Mirror Image


What was the last book that you read and what did you think of it?

The Unit, Ninni Holmqvist. I’d definitely recommend this. I really enjoyed this book, although it is quite disturbing. It is set in the future where men of sixty and women of fifty who have no family have to live in The Unit. Here they are used for medical research purposes until they are ready to make the final sacrifice, giving their heart and lungs to a functional member of society. There’s a twist in the tale, too.


Who are some of your favourite unsigned and indie authors?

Ninni Holmqvist, Lexi Revallian, Lynda Renham, Luke Smithers and E Lockhart.


What’s the best bit of writing advice that you’ve ever received?

If you really want to write a book, you have to start writing and not just thinking about it! The friend who told me this gave me the final push to get writing.


What’s it like working with Accent Press? Tell us a little bit about your journey together.

I was so thrilled when Accent Press said they were interested in publishing my book. I realised how much you really need a good editor and hints on marketing. Everyone is really approachable and helpful. It’s good to be in touch with other authors, too, and get ideas and advice from others in the same position as me!


How do you get the word out about your work?

This is the hardest bit! Karen at Accent Press has been very helpful with lots of advice on using Facebook and Twitter. I’ve given out copies of my book to some young people through local schools and clubs. I’m also getting involved in author promotions at events in the larger towns in the Midlands.


Trish Moran - Waiting in the Shadows

Trish Moran – Waiting in the Shadows


Big thanks to Trish Moran for stopping by SocialBookshelves.com. Be sure to click here to check out her books on Amazon,  or to follow SocialBookshelves.com on Facebook and Twitter for further updates. I’ll see you soon!

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