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Quick Q&A with Poet Katie Lewington

Hi, folks! Today, we’re hosting a quick Q&A with poet Katie Lewington, the author of Hotel Life and Put Me Down, I’m Terrible. Read on to find out more.


Katie Lewington

Katie Lewington


What have you got planned for 2018?

Nothing at all. I take each day as it comes. In the books, when you’re least looking for something, you find a forest in the back of a cupboard, or a half-giant called Hagrid comes and tells you you’re a wizard.


What is it about travel poetry that draws you to it over other forms of poetry?

The sense of sharing experiences, and taking someone with you, opening up the world to them.


What was the last great indie book that you read and what did you like about it?

Charcoal Mist at Cotton Fields by Eden Sleepwalker. It’s a poetry collection that Eden illustrated herself, as well as writing it. I haven’t an artistic bone in my body, so I appreciate those that can use a few different mediums.


How do you think poets can stay relevant in today’s day and age?

Challenge themselves, stay mindful and willing to learn and to adapt as the world, and society, changes around them.


How do you go about writing a poem? What do you do to fill the page?

A walk is good for inspiration. I can be minding my own business and then I get a random line popping into my head, which then works itself into a piece of writing, and I write it all into a notebook. I forget about it for months, and then I try beating it into shape. Well, not beating exactly. Shaping it.


Katie Lewington - Put Me Down, I'm Terrible

Katie Lewington – Put Me Down, I’m Terrible


What makes a good poem in your opinion? And why write poetry over prose?

Prose is something for the experts! It’s precise. Poetry I think is more flexible. One poem will always have a different meaning to individual people. A good poem isn’t perfect. I love writing that hasn’t been sterilised.


Can you share a recent poem of yours with us?

The Busker

He was there for the morning and all of the afternoon,

strumming songs from the top 40 on his guitar.

i passed him, while humming my own tune.


he sat on my bus coming home and I scooted closer to say

i liked what he did

to which he replied ‘i wish other people did’

and i think about this, then i tell him ‘well, you must, at least, enjoy it, or you wouldn’t do it’


he swaps seats as we curtail a corner and

so I let it go.



Who are some of your favourite poets?

Well, Allen Ginsberg was the first poet to awaken my senses when I was sixteen, and he showed that poetry needn’t be as boring as it was in school. When I was first reading poetry, Byron was a poet that spoke to me, probably because it was all love poetry and sixteen-year-olds seem to be obsessed with falling in love with somebody. Linda M Crate, Alexis Bates, Sam Rose and Isabelle Kenyon are people I always look out for. I love Nicholas Trandahl’s poetry too. He’s one of the best contemporary poets around today.


Where can people buy your books and how can they support you?

My books can be purchased at Barnes and Noble, the Book Depository and Amazon. The best way to support me is by following my Twitter (@Lewington_Katie) or Instagram (Katielewington). That’s where I share my news and poems. Let me know what you like and what you disagree with.


What makes your poetry different to other people’s?

Because I wrote the poetry and nobody else did. The poetry has come from me, that’s what makes it different, because it’s from my perspective of this crazy world we live in.


Katie Lewington - Here Comes the Sun

Katie Lewington – Here Comes the Sun


Big thanks to Katie Lewington for stopping by SocialBookshelves.com. Be sure to check out her books on Amazon and to follow her on Twitter and Instagram. You can also follow SocialBookshelves.com on Facebook and Twitter for further updates. I’ll see you soon!

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